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As a commercial printer we are constantly reviewing the way our business impacts on the environment and we would like our clients to know what measures have been taken to make our production process as environmentally friendly as possible.

All coated paper (gloss, silk and matt) that we use comes from controlled managed sources and will contain at least 15% re-cycled fibre. We actively promote the use of 100% recycled papers. All our paper waste is sorted and sent for recycling

After major investment in our plate-making system, no chemicals are used at any stage in our plate-making process. All used plates are also sent for recycling.

Our inks are all vegetable oil-based. All pressroom waste is collected by registered waste contactors and sent for recycling where appropriate.

We have also put together an array of environmentally friendly and recycled paper and board samples all together in our ‘green’ swatch showing the exact content and make up of each product.

Why not contact us and ask us to send you one!